Home Upgrades & Renovations

The kitchen and bathroom remodeling process involves upgrading the various fixtures, systems and finishes that make up your home. Whether you are undergoing an extensive home remodel or just looking to upgrade certain features of your home as part of a more targeted renovation, we would love to talk with you. 

We are located in the East Bay, and service the home renovation  needs of homeowners and property owners in Concord, Clayton, Martinez, Pacheco, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and other nearby cities. 


Plumbing is often a big part of kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. If you’re changing the layout of your kitchen or bathroom, you may need to relocate plumbing pipes to accommodate new fixtures or appliances. This can involve rerouting water supply lines, drain pipes, or vent pipes. If that’s the case, we have you covered. 



Replacing your cabinets and vanities during remodeling is a must. Depending on the extent of the project, the cabinet layout may be completely different than what you have now. We’ll help you visualize the layout and select the right cabinets for your application, then install them flawlessly. 


We install flooring, including tile, hardwood, laminate, LVP and more. Each surface has it’s distinct benefits and drawbacks, and we will help you select the right product for your application, select the right product / color, and then install it to manufacturer standards. We install flooring as part of our full kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, as well as more targeted home upgrades. 


Trim, Crown Molding and Baseboards

One of the final touches of a remodeling project, after everything has been installed and the flooring has gone down, is installing trim. Whether it’s door or window trim, baseboards, or crown molding, we do it all. 

Doors & Windows

Doors & windows are a cost-effective upgrade that make your house infinitely more livable, desirable, and often more energy efficient. Older homes with aluminum windows lose more heat in the winter, making upgrading a must. We also install all types of doors, including front doors, interior doors, exterior doors, closet doors, sliding glass doors, and more. 


Closet Upgrades

Upgrade your closets with customized shelving and storage, built in dressers, ranks, and more. Install new doors to upgrade and modernize your interiors. We will work with you to build the customized closet you have always dreamed of. 

Removing & Moving Walls

Interior renovations often involve moving or removing walls. Whether you are trying to enclose space or open it up, we can help you do it properly to meet structural code requirements and building standards. 


Room Additions & Home Expansions

Growing family? Need more space? We can help you add on and expand your home to meet your growing needs. We can help you add on a bedroom, expand your home, or even build an ADU.

Words from clients

5 star rating
Sean at S Tileing was recommended by a friend who had recently gotten their kitchen redone, and it looked GORGEOUS. They were so happy. They are in the real estate business, and have many contractor connections, so I decided to save time interviewing potential contractors and just take their recommendation. Boy am I happy that I did. My kitchen looks amazing. Sean was prompt, reliable, hard working, super nice and he loved my dog. My kitchen was done ahead of schedule, for a fair price, and it looks AMAZING. I have heard many horror stories with kitchen remodels, and I'm so glad to say that you won't have one, contractor-wise, if you use Sean as your contractor. He's so awesome!
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Maria R.
Hire a Handyman Would highly recommend Sean. He showed up on time and worked quickly and efficiently. Got the job done on time and the costs were as quoted and reasonable.
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Kathleen Cunningham
Replace or Repair Grout Very pleasant to work with, knowledgeable and efficient.
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Carol Weismiller

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